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  • Posted by Mackdanny , on 23/09/2014, @ 03:27am


    Photo Credit: Playstation.com

    Good news for those who have yet to sign up for PS Plus or for those who's subscriptions have lapsed. It is announced that Sony will let players play online modes that require PS Plus fpr free this upcoming weekend starting on the 26th of September 2014. Of course those of you on the Xbox side are no strangers to free weekends. Reminder that PS3 gaming remains free.

    The source states:

    PS Plus will open up starting on September 26 at 12:01am PT and last until September 28 at 11:59pm PT. This will give those who recently purchased titles like Destiny, Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition, Madden NFL 15 and FIFA 15 the chance to get a taste of their online multiplayer modes without having to spend a dime for them.
    Reminder, this only has to do with multiplayer and has nothing to do with the rest of the goodies PS Plus offers.

    So, who here will take advantage of the free weekend?


  • Posted by BobbyBangin , on 22/09/2014, @ 07:26pm



    An Xdadeveloper forum member by the name of XperiaPlaystation has released a port of the PS4 Remote Play feature, for devices that will not be getting support for the feature.

    When Sony made they announcement that the feature would available to Android phones, they also stated it would be exclusive to Z3 line only. This left many Android owners feeling left out. Especially if you live a country or region that support the feature or sell the device, while many other have recently purchased other Xperia and Android products and many not want or afford to buy a new Z3 product.
    Owners can rejoice, now that this developer has figured out how to port the feature to other devices. This should work on Android device with an operation system of 4.0 or highter, that is capable of accessing custom recovery.

    The remote play feature won't be available until February, but when it become available, users should expect to be able to make full use of it and all it's features. The app will enable the use of either a PS3 or PS4 controller and possibly touch screen screen controls.

    Here is the quote from XperiaPlaystation:
    (PORT) (4.0+) (All Devices) (PS4 Remote Play Port)

    [HR][/HR] Hey guys,
    After the Z3 was announced in IFA 2014 in Berlin. I noticed there was no major change other than the new PS4 Remote Play feature. The feature that allows you to use your Xperia Device as a Second Screen for the PlayStation 4 anytime and anywhere. I was pretty sad that other devices might not get the feature. But it wasn't long until I ported and figured out the necessary files needed to get remote play to any and all Android Devices with Version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). So now we can get Remote Play in our devices too as soon as Sony releases the PS Remote Play APP. But now, it will be compatible with our devices as well.
    So the requirements:
    1. CWM (ClockWorkMod) Recovery
    2. The flashable zip I created
    3. PS APP (Download Link will be given below)
    4. Common Sense and a wee bit of patience.

    So here we go:

    Download the Flashable Zip from this link:

    And this specific PlayStation APK from here:

    Copy them to your Phone.
    Enter CWM Recovery.
    Flash the ZIP.
    Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache.
    Then install the PS App normally.
    After you install the App, when you go to the "Connect to PS4" Tab, you will notice that there will be a small logo for Remote Play which isn't there normally. Screenshot is given below:

    Then, when you press on it, this is what it will say:

    So it should work when the app is here. But this is what you will need to get the app running.
    When the app comes. It might be incompatible at first but with a port or some changes to the build.prop. We'll be able to get Remote Play Running on your Android Device.

    When the "PS Remote Play App" comes, if Play Store says it's incompatible, this build.prop( link given below) might make it compatible for the Xperia Z1.
    Here is the build.prop: https://www.mediafire.com/?2x6hr5fcovvlbot
    Copy this build.prop to your system folder using a root exploring app and set permisssions to 0644




  • Posted by Pirate , on 19/09/2014, @ 11:25am


    Sony has released a free app for PS4 that allows photos saved on the PlayMemories Online service, to be viewable on PS4 via app.


    [App Name]
    PlayMemories Online

    [App Features]
    ・Browse your photos saved on PlayMemories Online over the fast and crisp interface of PlayStation® 4.
    ・Automatically organizes your photos by date and picks up a memorable photo.
    ・Play slide shows with background music of your choice.
    *At the moment, videos cannot be played back.

    [Release Schedule]
    ・September 16 (Tuesday): Japan
    ・September 18 (Thursday): Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore
    ・Middle of October or later: Other countries/regions*
    *Will be released sequentially. Release information will be announced on this page.

    [How to Download the App]
    From your PlayStation® 4, download the free app from the PlayStation® Store.

    We recommend all PlayStation® 4 users to use the PlayMemories Online app.


  • Posted by Pirate , on 17/09/2014, @ 08:53pm


    Destiny, Bungie's new MMO FPS, has broken records and is currently the biggest, fastest purchased, and most played game currently on the PS4. The release of Destiny has given PS4 hardware its biggest boost since the initial Christmas release.

    Destiny also racked up some impressive gameplay stats, with PS4 players across North America collectively accumulating more than 11 million gameplay sessions " that’s a lot of Guardians! Destiny players have also made full use of PS4’s social features; it was the most shared and most broadcasted PS4 game during its first week on sale.
    From everyone at PlayStation, we want to say thank you to the fans " none of this would be possible without you! If you’re like me you have been up until the wee hours of the morning playing ‘just one more match’ with your Fireteam (I’m still trying to get to 26 with my Warlock to prep for Vault of Glass!).
    Luckily, the Destiny journey has only just begun. New events are scheduled throughout the next few months, and upcoming expansions including “The Dark Below” and “House of Wolves” are in the works. Each expansion will provide brand-new story missions, cooperative and competitive Crucible arenas, and a wealth of all-new weapons, armor, and gear to earn (hopefully some legendary engrams!). Of course each will have more PlayStation exclusive content. We’re looking forward to giving you more details soon.
    Partnering with Bungie and Activision on Destiny has been a dream come true. See you in the Crucible where you probably just killed me as a BladeDancer… or in the Tower where I will be dancing on the Post Office.

    Curious to ask, but how many Hax users are currently playing Destiny?


  • Posted by Pirate , on 16/09/2014, @ 02:46pm


    TGS kicks off on the 18th-20th, and streams are available for viewing Sony's conference.

    September 18th (times are local JST, you can use this page to convert them to your time zone):

    • 12:00 PM " Dragon Quest Heroes (world premiere of live gameplay on PS4)
    • 1:00 PM " Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (latest information and live gameplay)
    September 20th:
    • 11:30 AM " Destiny
    • 1:00 PM " Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (latest information and live gameplay)
    • 2:15 PM " Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 (torunament)
    • 4:00 PM " Dragon Quest Heroes (world premiere of live gameplay on Ps4)
    September 21st:
    • 10:30 AM " United Front Tournament National Finals (tournament of PS Vita United Front games)
    • 12:30 PM " Driveclub (torunament)
    • 2:30 PM - Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- (tournament)
    • 4:30 PM " Bloodborne (gameplay challenge and latest information)

    VIA: http://www.dualshockers.com/2014/09/15/sony-reveals-tokyo-game-show-livestream-channels-watch-bloodborne-driveclub-dragon-quest-and-more/

  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 16/09/2014, @ 12:05am


    You can do some cool **** with the Oculus Rift: You can simulate what flying feels like, or use it to pick out your next car. And if you have less experience with the female anatomy than Steve Carell in The 40 Year Old Virgin, now you can use it to simulate grabbing a handful of boob.

    Ah, technology.

    In a video posted on Japan's Nicovideo, a man called Ryuto demonstrates his homebrew game, cobbled together with a Rift, an Arduino control board, a LeapMotion pressure sensor ... and artificial breasts made from what looks like a gel-filled mousepad. Classy.


    3D next-gen boobs? What more can a man wish?
    my answer will be real boobs but anyways i think you got the point

  • Posted by Pirate , on 15/09/2014, @ 10:55pm


    Well if you love the PS4, and you love...well shoes, then Air Jordan is coming out with a super limited edition, PS4 branded shoes that sell for $950.



    Pretty price, and worth more than 2 PS4's

    A small interview about these shoes:

    DS: What inspired you to make the “JRDN X PS4″?
    JB: My inspiration for these came to me in a flash of insight once i had made the decision to buy the PS4 on release day. I’m kind of brand loyal to Sony’s products and i thought the concept would translate well onto a pair of Air Jordan IV’s.
    DS: What was the thought process behind the HDMI ports?
    What do they do?
    JB: Of course I couldn’t just leave these all black, I thought they needed something quirky to make them stand out. So apart from replacing the Jumpman logos with Sony’s Playstation branding, I thought it would be funky to add HDMI ports in the heels. I tried to make them so the shoes would remain wearable. The HDMI ports have no real function, apart from looking cool and they actually come with a custom Jordan HDMI cable that when attached, can act as a type of carry cord for walking around sneaker conventions or something!
    DS: What does a pair like this cost and what kind of labor goes into something like this?
    JB: I will be making a limited edition run of 10 of these and they will come with the HDMI cable and custom box. Price is unconfirmed as of yet, but will probably be around 950USD for the total package. I know that may not sound like a bargain, but quite a few hours is put into each pair to ensure the customer receives a quality product.
    Where can readers order a pair from?
    JB: Readers can inquire about these by sending a direct email to [email protected] or contact

    More pictures at the source:

  • Posted by Pirate , on 14/09/2014, @ 03:29pm


    Stratton, a programmer from Naughty Dog and Sony ICE team talks about how the PS4 hardware is already out of date with current generation hardware. He says that although PS4 is not the latest and greatest in hardware, the quality of games produced is not affected and can still rival current-gen AAA PC games today. This is possible by squeezing every ounce of performance, and improvements with the current standard PS4 hardware, something console programmers are great at.

    Cort Stratton is a programmer at Naughty Dog and is also a member of Sony’s ICE team. Helooks after PS4’s GPU driver / graphics API and as such he knows the ins and outs of the hardware. Stratton has shared his thoughts about claims that suggest that the PlayStation 4 is ‘already out of date’. Stratton acknowledges that the hardware is ‘no longer top-of-the-line’ but that is always how console cycles have turned out to be.
    First of all, Stratton was all praise for console programmers. Pushing out of date hardware is no easy task but still we are able to see games like The Last of Us that rivals AAA PC games in terms of visuals. “Squeezing 5-10 years of performance improvements out of a fixed hardware platform is what console programmers do best!,” Stratton tweeted.
    He also acknowledges that although the PS4 is no longer top-of-the-line hardware, it does not factor into quality of the games. “The HW is no longer top-of-the-line, sure. That’s how consoles have always worked & has very little to do with game quality.”
    “For example: the PS3 is ~2005-era hardware, roughly. Compare TLOU (2013) to AAA PC games from 2005,” he further added.

    What are your thoughts about the current PS4 hardware, and the quality of games it outputs?


  • Posted by Pirate , on 12/09/2014, @ 06:25pm


    With the new trailer, screenshot and release date for the PS4 version of GTA5, many may be wondering how much better is the PS3 version than PS4? It has been reported the latest installment runs at full 1080p, and the trailer shows the game running at ~30FPS, although not locked to 30 (so we can expect higher up to 60).


    Check the link below for slider comparisons of the two GTA5 versions:

  • Posted by LoverboySimer , on 12/09/2014, @ 01:04pm


    actual_1410520494.jpg... [Read More]